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No one wants to get a phone call from an immigration detention center, much less be the person placing one. If you or a loved one has been detained for being in the country illegally, the consequences you face can be severe, including potential deportation. You need a lawyer on your side who knows the ropes and can mount a compelling defense for your ability to stay in the country. If you've been detained, you need one right away.

Immigration in and of itself is not a criminal activity. There are many reasons immigrants come to the United States and want to stay. Whether you or a loved one is seeking employment or asylum or wants to be closer to family, there are ways to achieve these goals legally. At The Law Firm of Flor E. Flores, PLLC, we can help you get there.

A Texas Firm With A Nationwide Reach

Because of our location in south Texas, we handle mostly border cases in and around the state. But we also get calls from clients nationwide (and sometimes worldwide) who need help for any number of immigration and deportation defense concerns, including:

  • Removal hearings
  • Extension of stays
  • Asylum
  • Deportation defense
  • Work visas (H-1B or L-1)
  • Employment-based green cards
  • Marriage green cards
  • U visas (for victims or criminal informants)

Depending on the details of the case, attorney Flores will travel to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) offices throughout Texas, and in certain cases, throughout the United States, for client meetings and court appearances. Our firm is committed to defending the rights of immigrants to remain in the U.S. legally, and we will do our best to protect your right to remain in the country given your unique situation.

Being arrested and charged with a crime isn't good news no matter what your immigration status is. But if an arrest lands you in a detention center, you need a lawyer who understands the intersection of immigration and criminal law. When you work with Flor E. Flores, we can handle all of your legal concerns under one roof. That's one less thing to worry about in a difficult situation.

The Stakes Are Too High To Wait

If you're facing deportation, you can't afford to roll the dice and hope things turn out OK. You need a tough and compassionate lawyer on your side who is committed to protecting your right to remain in the country. To schedule your free initial consultation with our Rio Grande City firm, call 956-847-8941 or email us to tell us what's going on. Se habla español.